Many people are now switching up their diets to incorporate more vegan-friendly or vegetarian alternatives. And why wouldn’t you? Aside from helping save the planet and all it’s wonderful creatures, plant-based dishes are actually becoming some of the tastiest options out there! 

Although, for many of us, it can be really difficult to know where to start when it comes to making plant-based food swaps. There are now more options than ever before when it comes to plant-based products, but there’s still not nearly as many options as there are containing meat and dairy. That’s why we decided to put together this handy guide consisting of all of our very favourite vegan food swaps we think you’ll love. 

I hope you’re hungry!


The Wonder That is.. Jackfruit

One of the most popular meat alternatives out there at the moment is jackfruit. It’s very similar in texture and appearance to pulled pork, making it a perfect option for a vegan hog roast or plant-based pulled pork burger (yum). This can be a fantastic option for those new to vegan life, given its similarities with real pork, particularly when seasoned with our very own BBQ Pork seasoning

Jackfruit can also be a great substitute for chicken. Simply season with your favourite chicken seasonings and stir into a pasta dish or use in a salad. It can even be prepared like tuna, mixed in with your favourite vegan mayo! When it comes to jackfruit, there are tonnes of possibilities for creating a dish you’ll love.

Top tip: Use unripe jackfruit. This is when the fruit has the most neutral taste which can help provide a versatile base to transform into various different types of meat alternatives using a variety of seasonings. 

Tofu or Not Tofu.. That is the Question

Tofu is a bit like marmite in the world of plant-based living. It’s made from condensed soy milk that’s been pressed into little white blocks and can be purchased in an array of textures from silken to regular and firm to extra-firm. It doesn’t really have any taste at all, so it’s possible to create a wide variety of dishes using various spices and seasonings, and adjusting the texture based on the style of dish you wish to create. 

It’s all trial and error with tofu, but you should definitely give it a try! What’s more, it’s really high in protein and contains all the essential amino acids you need, alongside healthy fats, carbs and many vitamins and minerals too.

Top tip: If you’re unsure how to use it, try it in our Smoky Bacon and Black Bean Burger recipe. You won’t regret it.

Don’t Lose Your Tempeh! 

If you haven’t already tried it – give Tempeh a go! It’s made using fermented soybeans which help bring a slightly more flavoursome taste when compared with tofu. Add your own seasoning or one of our ready prepared seasonings and you’ll be good to go. From rice dishes to kebabs and curries to stir fries, this little gem has a lot to give when it comes to providing a meaty texture and a hearty source of protein. 

Top tip: Marinate in a combination of soy sauce and our Smoky Bacon seasoning before slicing finely and frying up for a killer bacon butty that doesn’t actually involve any killing at all! 

Not Today, Seitan.. (ok we’ll stop now)

Seitan is most commonly known as ‘wheat meat’ as it’s essentially made purely from wheat gluten. This helps imitate the texture of meat proteins, giving it an excellent liking to things like chicken thanks to its savoury taste. You can usually buy Seitan in strips or even in ground form, both of which work great for adding to stir fries, salads, pasta dishes and a whole host of other recipes. 

Top tip: Due to its adaptable taste, Seitan works great when seasoned with spicier seasoning mixes, such as our popular Spicy Chorizo Seasoning.

Meat-Free Sausages

Another great vegan alternative to meat is homemade or shop bought vegan sausages! There are many recipes out there, such as our Herby Glamorgan Sausages recipe – which we’d strongly recommend trying if you haven’t already! Vegan sausages such as these are a sure fire way of satisfying your cravings, and as many are so high in protein, they’ll leave you (and your taste buds) feeling satisfied and pleasantly surprised! 

Top tip: Our best-selling Sausage and Sage seasoning is an absolute must for any plant-based sausages you try!


As you can see, there are a huge range of different alternatives you can incorporate into your everyday life rather than using animal products. So have fun with it! Give them a go and let us know how you get on.

Herby x