Whether you’re vegan or vegetarian or are simply looking for fun ways to switch up your diet or eat less meat, it can be difficult to successfully replicate the taste of meats, such as sausage or bacon. However, there are a number of different methods out there you can try. To make life a little easier, we thought we’d share some of our top, tried-and-tested methods for how to make plant-based sausages taste meaty.

1. Make your own!


Our biggest tip for getting that scrumptious real sausage taste is to make your own from scratch! This is so much fun and doesn’t take nearly as long as you’d think. Our plant-based sausage recipe calls for a tin of borlotti beans, which you can get from any supermarket, alongside some veggies, oats and almonds. The star of the show when it comes to taste, though, is our sage and sausage seasoning which transforms these humble plant-based options into a vegan sausage like no other. 


Another option is to make your own vegan sausages using tofu or seitan. These options will provide a fantastic texture that’s really similar to that of traditional pork sausages. Meat alternatives such as these are also fantastic flavour-absorbers, so work perfectly with vegan chorizo seasonings, BBQ pork seasonings and more.

2. Meaty vegetables


Another great way of getting the same meaty taste without actually eating meat is by being smart with your choice of veggies! Mushrooms, aubergines and various types of beans can provide a really hearty, meaty taste that’s perfect for replicating that of pork sausages. A lot of these vegetables also have a fairly high water content, providing that juiciness that every good sausage needs. 


Simply marinate or coat them in your favourite plant based seasoning and cook to perfection for a guilt-free treat without the meat. 

3. Plant-based sausage seasoning


One of the more obvious methods is to season your vegan or veggie sausages with scrumptious herbs, spices and flavours that replicate the taste of real bangers. Some of our favourite vegan sausage seasoning options are sage, black pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder and chilli powder. Or alternatively why not try one of our popular ready made sausage seasoning kits which make plant-based cooking an absolute breeze.


No matter which method you use, all of the above options are sure to provide you with that sizzling taste of sausage that fills the gap without harming our little pink pals. 


Herby x