1st March 2021

Work and schooling aside, it’s pretty difficult to tell the weekends apart from the weekdays at the moment, but in my experience, food has an important role to play here! We normally talk about food a lot in our house. A lot. And what better way to make life more interesting than to talk about food? We’re planning what’s for tomorrow night’s tea before we’ve quite often even finished todays 😊

We have been inspired by a local pub that started to do a weekly themed take-out menu every Saturday during lockdown 2. Every weekend they have a different cuisine theme on offer. We tried it a few times then, we shamelessly stole the idea! So, every Saturday now we try to get creative in the kitchen and include the kids…. we’ve had Mexican nights, Greek, French, Indian, Italian (more than once!), Moroccan, Oriental, Peruvian… you name it, we’ve probably tried it!

Now I’m not saying we’ve been getting completely down to scratch cooking for all of this – there’s nothing wrong with shortcuts in the kitchen in my book! Happy to use the occasional meal kit, flatbread & spice mix to make life a little bit easier. I think it’s more about getting the family around the table and interested in trying something new, as well as trying to (vaguely) recreate the dishes we would normally enjoy on a night out.

As it will still be a while before we can enjoy a night out why not try it out yourselves? Here’s our dish for this weekend…we’re going all out Spanish with a veggie paella.  And lots of Rioja!


Herby x

Spicy Chorizo flavoured Vegan Paella