Roast dinners are a long loved tradition, whether it be for your Sunday dinner or your Christmas gatherings (or even just for a random Tuesday night). Whether you’re veggie, vegan or just trying to back on your meat, you should never have to miss out on it! So we’ve come up with some great tips to get you back at the table every Sunday with the family! 



Tofu originated from Anhui and is used in a variety of Asian dishes such as tofu soup, mapo tofu, tofu in garlic sauce and much more. However, those recipes do not really fit the image of a Sunday roast, do they? 

Tofu has a firm texture. If you check out tofu in the supermarket the packaging will tell you the firmness of the tofu –  extra firm, medium firm or soft… A firmer tofu has a similar consistency to meat, which allows you to cook it in various ways without it coming apart. A typical serving of tofu also contains about 15-16 grams of protein alongside other nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus.

But how do you make tofu taste good in a Sunday roast?

Roast dinners usually have a portion of meat, whether it’s lamb, beef, roast chicken or another favourite.

You can do exactly that but with tofu! Try out some Tofu pot pie, a tofu steak or some Tofu nut roast! Use the seasonings you would typically use, but replace your meat! For vegans, you can also find recipes for the pie crust without any animal ingredients and you’re set to go! 

Roasted Cauliflower

If tofu’s not your thing, you can switch our your meat joint for a large roasted cauliflower. One of our Sunday favourites is a whole cauliflower done this way:

  • Mix together some of our bacon seasoning with a little bit of vegan butter
  • Rub your butter and smoky bacon seasoning mix over the cauliflower
  • Pop it in the oven until golden brown

This gives you a smoky, tasty and meat free alternative to a roast meat joint.


Creamy Mash Without the Cream

The humble potato is something of a roast dinner hero. And being plant based, you’re good to go here. But if you’re a mashed-rather-than-roasted type, going vegan needn’t mean missing out.

Replace that cream and butter with some thick chunks of vegan butter and some vegan cheese for a surprisingly tasty mash replacement with no animal products.

Prefer your spuds roasted? We’ve got you covered. Try our Spicy Chorizo flavoured Roasted Potatoes. You wont regret it!


Veggies – but Better!

If you’re frying up a Tofu steak or Roasting a tofu block in the oven, take the sauce from your seasoned tofu and drizzle it over your vegetables for some extra taste. Paprika is also a great spice to add to your vegetables for that extra kick and meaty taste. And who said veggies need always taste the same? We’ve got a great selection of  meat free and super tasty seasonings that you can simply sprinkle on veg before roasting to really bring them to life!

So load your plate up with a bunch of your favourites and drizzle that tofu sauce on top, you’ll likely ditch the fork and end up licking your fingers afterwards! 



Stuffing, whether inside a roast turkey or as a standalone item on your plate, is a firm favourite in our household. The supermarket shelves are chock full of tasty stuffing options but many contain meat or other animal products.

We think it’s possible to get super tasty stuffing without the meat products.

You’ll need vegan bread chunks, celery, sage, thyme, salt, pepper, garlic cloves, and vegetable stock. Chop up your ingredients to your desired consistency and mix it all up with that warm vegetable stock. Divide into balls (or whatever shaped portions you like) and then simply put it in the oven until it goes a golden colour. Leave it a tad longer if you like your stuffing crunchy. 


Don’t forget the gravy

Our personal favourite is a smoky bacon flavoured gravy. And we’ve got you covered for this without a single meat product in sight. Take a look.