8th February 2021

So, this is the very first HERBY HOG blog. What to write? So much has happened in the last 6 months it’s hard to know where to start – perhaps a little insight into the trials of launching a brand-new start up business during a global pandemic is the best place! It’s certainly not for the fainthearted, but once you get started on something it’s important to see it through, right? (practising what I preach here kids) so, onwards!

I’ve followed a vegetarian diet for as long as I can remember, to be honest quite simply because I really dislike the texture of meat. Over time I turned away from cheese, eggs & milk, so whilst I don’t officially identify as vegan I am well-tuned in to the need for flavoursome food in my life! I adore cooking & love good food, so seasonings really are an important part of my food cupboard. Smoky bacon is a magical flavour that I often crave, and I know so many other like-minded vegetarians & vegans who feel the same!

So, about this time last year, and with an unrelenting urge to ‘start up my own start up’, I began working on creating a vegan friendly Smoky Bacon seasoning that would liven up a wide range of dishes that I knew my family & I would enjoy. The results were astounding & quickly led to the creation of other ‘hog related’ flavours themed around chorizo, BBQ pork & sausage. Encouraged (if not a little daunted by the realities of home schooling and setting up a new business without childcare!) I managed to get a small team in place and set about brainstorming a brand name, developing striking packaging, and arranging full scale product trials at our production site. We even managed to come up with a Smoky Bacon Gravy Mix to complete the HERBY HOG line up.

I am in many ways thankful that 2020 passed by in a blur – we sold our first HERBY HOG seasoning from our webshop in November and have been blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response to our new products ever since! Our HERBY HOG bundles were purchased for Christmas gifts, and who knew that ‘Seasonings in your Christmas Stocking’ was even a thing! I am so proud to have launched HERBY HOG, even more so in the midst of such challenging times. And whilst it is frustrating that many of the small independent stores we hope to supply are currently closed due to lockdown, the team are focused on reaching out to lovely new customers right across the country via social media.

HERBY HOG was created as a quick and easy everyday flavour fix for anyone who loves the taste of bacon, sausage, chorizo & pork. We want it to be enjoyed by meat eaters as well as vegans & vegetarians, and on anything from popcorn or pasta to fajitas and fries.

We are constantly experimenting with new ways to use the seasonings and love to see & hear about the new ways our customers are using them too (check out this new recipe for Vegan Smoky Bacon & Black Bean Burgers).  We’d love to see your creations on our Instagram @theherbyhog.

We have a new range of HERBY HOG products in development already, keep an eye on our socials for updates!

Thanks for all your support,

Herby x