We’re Herby Hog. The new must-have ingredients for plant based meals.

Vegan Bacon Flavoured Seasoning

At Herby Hog we don’t just make amazing flavours we make amazing plant-based pig out flavours. Our mission is to deliver delicious plant-based foods that satisfy even the most discerning of meat reducers and challenge the widely held belief that choosing a plant-based diet means having to compromise on taste.

Many vegans and vegetarians still find making a meal at home without meat particularly challenging. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more disappointing than picking over a plate of food that you’ve slaved over for hours in the kitchen, only to find it tastes bland?

So, Herby Hog is here to help! We’ve created a range of products which take the hassle out of creating delicious meat free meals. Our range of seasonings and gravies add sensational taste and flavour to your plant-based creations.  Simply coat, rub, sprinkle or stir into your favourite foods.

Try the Herby Hog range today and discover how easy it is to make delicious meat free meals!

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