Welcome to a whole new world of plant based flavours

Vegan Bacon Flavoured Seasoning

100% meat free. 100% delicious

There are so many meat free food options widely available these days that following a plant-based diet should be relatively easy. From plant-based meat alternatives to non-dairy ‘sheeses’ and vegan desserts, plant-based eating has never been so popular.

Yet many vegans and vegetarians still find making a meal at home without meat particularly challenging. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more disappointing than picking over a plate of food that you’ve slaved over for hours in the kitchen, only to find it tastes bland?

Herby Hog is here to help!

We’ve created a range of products which take the hassle out of creating delicious meat free meals!

At Herby Hog we don’t just make amazing flavours we make amazing plant based pig out flavours – a range of seasonings and gravies based on the delicious flavours of bacon, chorizo, sausage and pork. Simply coat, rub, sprinkle or stir into your favourite foods.

Try the Herby Hog range today and discover how easy it is to make delicious meat free meals!

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